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Adrienne Warden

Web / UX Designer

I would like to establish, up front, that my credentials are not formal. My love of front-end/UX design, however, is very formal. In a word, or make that 4 words, I am self-taught.

My transition from adminstrative assitant to front-end web designer, began in 2013. After discovering MOOCs, taking various courses, my passion for web development took root. Utilizing resources such as W3Schools, MDN Web Docs and, the big kahuna, WC3 tutorials I was able to teach myself the art of front-end web design.

I build clean, scalable and responsive web sites. Using best web practices, css frameworks, js libraries and prototyping tools is how most of my projects are built. My focus is on buidling apps and sites for professionals and small business using as many open sourced resources as possible.

Skill Scale:
radio_button_unchecked Novice mode_standby Basic radio_button_checked Intermediate pending Above Average lens Advanced
  • mode_standbyReact
  • mode_standbyAdobe XD
  • mode_standbyFigma
  • mode_standbyWeb Animation
  • mode_standby GitHub∖API
  • radio_button_checkedWireframe/Prototype
  • radio_button_checkedJavscript
  • radio_button_checkedUX Visual Design
  • pendingSolid understanding of CSS/HTML
  • pendingexperience working with web builders, e-commerce platforms, WordPress and Online Code Editors
  • pendingSematics and Accessability
  • pending Bootstrap 5.0/Frameworks
  • pendingunderstanding of the product life cycle (brainstorm, define, design, test, and launch)
  • pending Sass
  • pendingProject Managment
  • lenscollaborative, communicative, self-start with the ability to work remotely
  • lensfamiliarity with modern, cross-platform, responsive web design trends
  • lensWritten and Verbal Communications

As a self-taught designer, I've taken advantage of a variety of learning resources. Earning certification in CSS and Responsive Design. Possess an intermediate knowledge of Javascript. Have a working knowledge of Sass, React, wireframing and prototyping. Currently, I am working my way through Google UX Design Professional Certification. Earning my 1st certification, Foundation of User Experience (UX) Design, in April 2021, I am now working on my 4th certification of this 7 part certification.


Is it wise to admit that I am re-working all my samples? To late, I just did. Studying UX design revealed the mistake in my design thinking. I was building projects right out of 2011. Hence a complete rebuilding of my portfolio and the old samples still standing. Find quick links below.

As my training has broadened to include app building, I've added an app. It's an upgrade on one of the “Five Challenges” posed by Andy Sterkowitz, a Youtuber who's extraordinaire.

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