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About JavaScript Solutions

In today's market, if you cannot build an App, you may not be a web designer. This is an addendum to my Portfolio. What started as a challenge (5 Javascript Projects) has become an obsession. And it's a good thing.

In this update we include 3 of the original 5 apps, along with a couple new apps that reforce or build on what we learned since the last update. And the testing of our apps begin on the landing page — starting with the...

Vowel Counter App

Alt Key(s): alt v = vowel input


  • Wireframes, Low and Hi-Fidelity Mockups
  • HTML and CSS, JavaScript
  • Design Systems
  • Cross Browser/Responsive Design
  • , Bootstraps, React
  • WordPress, WooCommerce,  Webflow
  • Semantics Accessiblity Best Practices

Let's Touch Base

App Projects

The Grocery Store App builds on the Expense App. Users have the ability to edit list items and/or print their grocery list.

Grocery List App

Grocery List

Note: You can print a copy of your list. However, if you refresh or reload the browser all your data will be lost — which means no list.

The Note Taking App upgrades are all under the hood. The code is much cleaner. Setting an attribute (setAttribute) was more efficient than creating an attribute (creatAttribute).

Note Taker App

Alt Key(s): alt t = note input

My first Memory Game was wonky. The game had UX issues; and then some. This round begins to tackles some of those issues. The page no longer reloads after closing the alert message. While the cards don't shuffle, there is a nice pop of color to indicate a match verses no match status.

Memory Game App

How To Play: Match two card faces.


This app is not part of the “5 Challenge Apps”. It is a certification project from Free Code Camp's Front End Libaries course. While this build does not fulfill the requirements for certification — yet, this build does, in fact, show quotes randomly. You will have to click the (new quote) button to see it in action.

Random Quote App

Click on New Quote button to change quote.



Alt Key(s): alt t = new quote, alt q = tweet quote

Note: View Random Quote certification instructions.

The Family App is my own creation. I love family. Who doesn't? Which made it any choice as the subject of this app. Building the app from the ground up boosted my confidence in my ability to think like a developer. Lot's of array iteration going on up in here.

Family List App

How It Works: (1) Enter a first name. Choose a relationship and click on the "add member" button. Add as many names as you like. Once you've entered all the names, (2) click on "generate list" button. (3) Use the "my family relations" drop-down menu to see family relations.

Alt Key(s): alt n ‐ first name, alt r ‐ my relations

My Family

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