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Apps should be helpful, have a specific purpose and ease of use. We've just started our Web App making journey. The goal is to build apps that are functional, have a distinct flow, with a visual design that says, "I'm a app baby."

Grocery List App

Taking a list to the grocery store is ideal if you want to curb impulsive spending. Or come home with all the items you went to purchase. You can't download the app, but you can print or save your list as a pdf. This App is practical, easy to use and efficient.

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Grocery List

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Simple Calculator

When is having a calulator handy for some quick and accurate math calculation a bad idea? Thank God there are a plethera of calculator apps available. Ours is simple, compact, and performs all the basic math calculations. You can't power up, but you can do some serious adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying. A total bar has been included to keep a running tab for multi-step calculations.

Create A Budget

The Budgeting App won't keep you out of debt. But it will give you an overview of your expenses vs your bank. Whether you need a grocery budget, decorating budget or a budget of budgets — just plug in the data and view of the over or under.



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Designing the user experience never grows old...

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I started my working life as a legal secretary. A wonderful profession that began slowing contracting about 15 years ago. With the desire and ability to still be a productive worker, I began my pursuit of finding a new vocation. 2013 is where my web design journey begin. Little did I realize how being a legal secretary had prepared me for a career in web design. Working with teams, providing quality customer care, managing projects and the ability to perform under pressure are all skills that have served me well in becoming a designer.

I began training via MOOCs. As the world of web develop is ever changing, I have continued and expanded my studies. Recently earning a Google UX Design Professional Certificate. One can never know enough about web developmment, which is why it such a perfect fit for me. There's always something to learn, explore and test. Create web sites and apps has a true passion. There's nothing more satisfying then to help others create an online presence or brand.

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