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Adrienne Warden

Front-end Web Designer

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I am a web∖ux visual designer. My passion is building clean, scalable and responsive web sites. A perfect fit for start-ups, entry or junior/inermediate leval positions.

As an administrative assistant I have had extensive experience using technology. From word processors to databases, I made efficient use of the more advance features. This skill has served me well in my transition from an assistant to web development. I have worked with small to medium teams; interacting on and off site (remotely).

As a self-taught designer, I've taken advantage of a variety of learning resources. Starting my traing via MOOCs, W3School, MDN Web Docs and (the big kahuna) WC3. I have a certificate in Responsive Web Design and a working knowlege of CSS Frameworks, Sass, React and Bootstrap. My current studies are focused on earning Google UX Design Professional Certification. In April 2021, I completed part of 1 of this certification.

Core Skills

  • Online Builders
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (intermediate)
  • Cross Browser/Responsive Design
  • Flexbox, CSS Grid, Bootstrap
  • HTML Semantics/Accessibility


If I Did That

A series of section, elements, pages and site re-dos. A view into my design approach and what solutions I'd bring to web development.

If I Did That
Allen's Pie Re-do

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A collection of online resumes, CVs and personal profiles. Designed to enhance or create brands.

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Side Fixed Header CV

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A mix of WordPress sites built using builder, themes and as stand alone page built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Man With Van Website

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If I Did That Profiles Websites

JavaScript App

Who knew? I can build Apps. Thanks to this YouTuber's challenge I did it. These Apps aren't earth shattering. Nevertheless, they show my JavaScript skills do exist. View more of my App builds here.

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