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Adrienne Warden

UX / Web Designer

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Greetings...welcome to my portfolio. My passion is building clean, scalable, and responsive web sites. Using best web practices, CSS frameworks, web builders and JS libraries. My goal is to create sites that provide a positive user experience.


  • Wireframes, Low and Hi-Fidelity Mockups
  • HTML and CSS, JavaScript
  • Design Systems
  • Cross Browser/Responsive Design
  • , Bootstraps, React
  • WordPress, WooCommerce  Webflow
  • Semantics Accessiblity Best Practices

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If I Did That (IIDT)

These projects are samples of live sites of Alignable members. Using our web and ux design experience, studies and skills, we create a replica of the sites and apply UX and best design practices to increase usability. Check out our React Project Details Page for 3 of our IIDT projects.

If I Did That
Allen's Pie Re-do

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A collection of online resumes, CVs and personal profiles. Designed to enhance or create brands.

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Side Fixed Header CV

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A mix of WordPress sites built using builder, themes and as stand alone page built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Man With Van Website

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If I Did That Profiles Websites

JavaScript App

Who knew? I can build Apps. Thanks to this YouTuber's challenge I did it. These Apps aren't earth shattering. Nevertheless, they show my JavaScript skills do exist. View more of my App builds here.

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