Adrienne Warden

UX / Web Designer

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I love web design. It's an opportunity to provide users with a useful and engaging online experience. It's a marriage of tech and design, that if done correctly, is like a fine work of art.


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Designing the user experience never grows old...

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I started my working life as a legal secretary. A wonderful profession that began slowing contracting about 15 years ago. With the desire and ability to still be a productive worker, I began my pursuit of finding a new vocation. 2013 is where my web design journey begin. Little did I realize how being a legal secretary had prepared me for a career in web design. Working with teams, providing quality customer care, managing projects and the ability to perform under pressure are all skills that have served me well in becoming a designer.

I began training via MOOCs. As the world of web develop is ever changing, I have continued and expanded my studies. Recently earning a Google UX Design Professional Certificate. One can never know enough about web developmment, which is why it such a perfect fit for me. There's always something to learn, explore and test. Create web sites and apps has a true passion. There's nothing more satisfying then to help others create an online presence or brand.

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